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Stringer/Multimedia Reporter

Deadline: September 6, 2018

The Voice of America’s Eurasia Division, Ukrainian Service has a requirement for a Stringer/Multimedia Reporter based in New York, NY (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”) to initiate and develop news stories and ideas independently that will appeal to VOA audiences and viewers. The Contractor shall provide objective hard news, local news, sports, blog/social media posts, B-Roll and feature stories in Ukrainian and/or English for broadcast on television and digital platforms (Internet and social media). The Contractor shall identify and cover stories related to civil society, social issues, sports, arts and entertainment; conduct interviews; prepare reports; gather photographs and video; write, edit, narrate and film (video) documents that can be verified by sources or an eyewitness. The Contractor shall establish sources in local, State, National and Regional governments, diplomatic community and outside official channels in order to report on a wide variety of subjects focusing on politics and economics to include breaking news stories, in meeting short deadlines required by VOA.

The Contractor shall perform the following:
• Shift work, weekends, evenings, holidays and uncommon working hours, as determined to meet the requirements of each task order/deliverable
• Generate ideas for multimedia/technical projects
• Research a given topic for a specific project/story/interview or program
• Analyze an event and its repercussions, or profile a major leader, personality or newsmaker
• Conduct interviews, cover events and prepare reports based on research, interview and/or event coverage
• Produce/document multimedia and digital media reports for both pre-recorded and live stories/events in assigned beats (via television, and digital tools and services, including social media and videoconferencing platforms such as Skype)
• Reporting of events in Ukrainian Service’s target area or as assigned, such as; posting and updates of news stories, uploading of
• pictures and short video clips (i.e. Facebook Live and other technologies as they become available for professional broadcast distribution)
• Work with Editors and other authorized personnel on final production
• Write and edit short stories using videos and still photos.
• Record sound-bites, shoot video, edit recorded video and voice material.
• Ensure all reporting is suitable for final release, post, distribution and/or broadcast
• Meet or comfortably beat all reporting/program delivery broadcast deadlines and timelines

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SUBMIT YOUR CV TO holos [at] voanews.com with "Resume Stringer" in the Subject line

ATTENTION: To have your submission considered you must meet all the criteria mentioned in the job announcement.